What Is Fantasy Bridge?

Fantasy Bridge is the brain child of founders Rhett BrunoChris Pourteau and Jason Anspach. One day we came up with the idea to bring together Fantasy authors from every background — traditionally published and independent writers, as well as bestselling and emerging authors. Our mission: to bring readers quality content from the genre they all love directly to their inbox. Every week, subscribers to the Fantasy Bridge newsletter will receive an email spotlighting deals and new releases from carefully selected Fantasy authors. We hope to bring you new works from your favorite authors and help you discover new ones.

Rhett Bruno

Rhett Bruno is the author of the Amazon-bestselling space-opera series The Circuit, as well the Sci-Fi thrillers Titanborn and From Ice to Ashes. By night he is an author for Random House Hydra. By day he is a Syracuse graduate working at an architecture firm in Connecticut. He’s also recently earned a certificate in screenwriting from the New School in NYC, in the hopes of one day writing for TV or video games. Rhett resides in Stamford, Connecticut, with his fiancee and their dog, Raven.

Steve Beaulieu

Design Wizard
Steve Beaulieu is the author of Brother Dust. He is also the editor and compiler of the Superheroes and Vile Villains Anthology Series as well as the designer of the At The Helm Anthology Series. Having spent most of his life in Palm Beach County, Florida, he and his wife moved to Fort Worth, TX in 2012. He works as a Pastor and Graphic Artist and loves comic books, fantasy and science fiction novels.

Jason Anspach

Jason Anspach is the author of ’til Death and co-author of the Military Science Fiction franchise, Galaxy’s Edge. You can listen to him as the barbarian, Barabosa, on the hilarious podcast, Sci-Fi Writers Playing Old School D&D. Jason resides in Washington state with one wife, six kids, and the dog, Charlotte.

Chris Pourteau

Chris Pourteau is the author of  Shadows Burned In, winner of the 2015 eLit Book Award Gold Medal for Literary Fiction; the Legacy Fleet novel Avenger; and The Serenity Strain novels, among other works. He’s also edited collections of short stories by various authors, including the anthology Tails of the Apocalypse, a Top Ten Finisher in the Preditors and Editors Poll for Best Anthology of 2015. He’s also a producer and player for the podcast Sci-Fi Writers Playing Old School D&D, as well as producer and co-host of the podcast Geeks of a Certain Age. Chris resides in College Station, Texas, with his wife, son, and two dogs.